An Overview to Medigap Plans

Medigap is in fact a supplementary health program which people can subscribe to, in order to benefit from the additional health insurance plans that can derive from the whole process. The main reason for such additional health plans is that there is a gap between what should be covered in Medicare and what is actually covered. That is where Medigap takes over and makes attempts to fill the gaps.

People who are eligible for these Medigap programs ought to have been enrolled first in a Medicare program prior to their decision to go on with the supplementary packages. Generally, these must be citizens who are over the age of 65 or they have certain serious illnesses or permanent kidney failure, where age plays no actual role. The only requirement other than that is for people to have been living in the United States of America for at least some years before qualifying for such health insurance plans.

Medigap is an option that can work wonders when there is the necessity for hospitalization or other outpatient treatment. There are certain discounts regarding drug prescriptions as well, but there is no option for full drug prescription coverage by a specific insurance plan.


According to the specific health plan that you select having, you will get your personalized quote and get the most affordable Medigap available for you. In that way, you can get great value for money, while covering all these things that you consider to be essential regarding your health. There are various health insurance plans available on the market by various companies, in order for you to get the greatest bargain.

To sum up, medigap can be of substantial assistance to any citizen who wishes to get some extra health benefits without having to pay too much money for the coverage.